PT Joeys Berjaya

I have been ordering from Joeys Berjaya for many years now, and every time they would always provide a better experience compared to the last time I bought from them.On top of this, the relationship that we have built has made every purchase an enjoyable one and their products never dissapoint. Especially their pastries, just heavenly.
~Ms Geneviev Lee

I recently heard about Joeys Berjaya from a friend of mine who had nothing but praises to give. So I decided to try them out for my son's birthday. I have to say she was not wrong to rain nothing but praises on them. When I first entered the store, I was greeted with huge smiles by Ms Teo, throughtout the process of choosing the cake and the design that we wanted, she was really helpful and gave a lot of insightful information on what she felt would be best for us in the end, we went home with a simple but delicious lemon meringue cake. It was an amazing experience and I would certainly go back again.
~Mdm Wong

There was one thing that my boyfriend had always loved more than me and that was the cupcakes from Joeys Berjaya. Well, I can't blame him I certainly love them more than him as well. So on our anniversary, I ordered a few for him. When I went to the store to order, I told Ms Ong, why I was ordering, and she made sure that our cupcakes were extra special for this extra special occasion. Well all I can say now is that, we are going to order more when the baby arrives next month.
~Ms Samantha