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About Us

We are Joeys Berjaya and we always strive to serve you the best in anything baking.We have been in the business since 2000 and have many talented bakers, pastry chefs and food stylist, who ensures that everyone receives their orders to standards that would be worthy to be put in a movie. Being in the business for this many years, we have come a long way to get where we are today. We have also pushed ourselves to our boundries to provide you with the very best that we can provide.Lastly, we have a wide array of products avalible so do not forget to check them out.

~ Joey, Owner of Joeys Berjaya

Our Products:
We have flavourful and beautiful cakes of all sizes for any occasion
Fruity tarts that will tickle anyones taste buds, and provide with a refreshing sensation after.
Many different types of pastries that are rich with flavour and will certainly make you feel young again.
Devilishly good Cupcakes, frosted to perfection. which will certainly appeal to anyone and everyone.
Soft and chweey cookies, stacked with flavours on the inside and the outside.
Most importantly all our products are freshly made to order.

Our Mission:

To provide quality baked products for anyone and everyone.

Our Vision:

To be the go to bakery for your favorite baked goodies, no matter where and when.

Our values:

1. To always put ourselves in the shoes of the customer, no matter which part of the baking process we are at.
2. To always ensure that every part of the process,from the ordering to the consumtion,is enjoyable for the customer.
3. Ensuring that we work with pride, dignity, joy and love, to produce quality goods that would always be of a certain minimum standard.
4. Creating a connection with every customer, to have a better sense of trust between the customer and us.
5. Keeping up with the current trends, to ensure that everyone of our product is constantly being improved to meet the preference of the customers.
6. Having a sense of teamwork and family throughout the company, where person is treated equally.
7. A place where everyone is committed in their heart and in their mind.
8. We will always reach out to those in need, no matter your social upbringing or your background.
420 Dover Drive, #690
Singapore, Singapore,123456


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